Pat Cleveland

Southwest Florida Artist


His Majesty

A kingly lion surveys his territory

The lion is considered king of the jungle. Read more

Breakfast Fare

Still Life

I arranged these breakfast items to make an interesting composition. I liked the colors. Read more

Garden of the Gods

This oil painting depicts rock formations in the Garden of the Gods

While visiting friends in Colorado we went to this place located in the Rocky Mountains. Read more

Sea Green

One of the series of wave paintings

The ocean is fascinating to me. This is one of the series of waves Read more


Part of the wave seires

This oil painting is one of the series of waves. Read more


Part of a seies

This oil painting is one of a seies of waves. Read more


This beautiful flowering tree blooms in Mat to September

This oil painting, 18"x24" is one of my newer ones. The tree forms a large canopy of vibrant red blooms. Read more

Her Comes the Clown SOLD

These are such cute fish

These fish like to live in anemones below the ocean. Although the plant is poisonous to some it is not to... Read more

The Golden Path

A walk into nature is southing to the soul

One of my newer paintings reminds me of how walking in the woods always had a calming effect. Read more


Why Three?

One of my new paintings, oil on canvas !8"x24". I want the viewer to guess what three items are in this... Read more


A joyful painting

This oil painting, 18"x24" is one of my new works. It has the feeling of a happy party. Read more

Beyond the Rainbow

This oil painting is a vision I had.

One of my new paintings since developing ARMD It is oil on canvas 18"x24" Read more