Pat Cleveland

Southwest Florida Artist


Evening Approach

oil painting  19"x24"

This painting is in the group of my new work since I developed ARMD. Read more

Harvest Moon

Oil painting 18"x24" One of my newest

This painting is one of my newest since my change in vision has made me legally blind. Read more

4th of July Fronds SOLD

Palm fronds in the moonlight

With moonlight shining on these palm fronds they look like fireworks. Read more

The Chase

A pond of Koi fish

A friends backyard is all waterlily ponds where these Koi fish reside. Read more

Orchid sold

A member of the orchid family, this is a beautiful magenta color

This orchid is a cattleya, the type used fir corsages. Read more

Crotons SOLD

A colorful plant that grows in tropical climates this one was in my front yard

The leaves of this plant are multicolored and striped. Read more


Philip was in an art class I attended

Philip is from the Turk and Caicos Islands. He was t staying with relatives in Ft. Myers, Fl. and took art... Read more

Before Birth

Before my second grandaughter was born

When my daughter-in-law was pregnant with my second grandaughter. Read more

Amber Hibiscus Sold

Amber Hibiscus

These beautiful flowering plants love tropical climates and are abundant in Florida. Read more

Everglades SOLD

Florida Everglades  oil painting 18"x24"

A treasured nature preserve on south Florida,is home to native species as well as invasive creatures. Read more

Lion Tamarind

One of a series of paintings of endangered animals

I painted a series of endangered animals. This a monkey. Read more

Yellow Tulip

Oil painting on canvas 24" x 30"

This painting was inspired by a Spring plant in full bloom. Read more